Web design in Bristol

We are a website design and development company based in Bristol UK. We consist of a small number of freelance designers who are experts in the development of contemporary, affordable websites. All of our websites are fast and fully optimised for search engines.

Here are some of the advantages of using the web services of Bristol Graphics:

  • There are only three of us so you get to work directly with the designer
  • Having worked for agencies and prestigious companies we have a vast amount of experience in web design and web technologies. Much of our work, because it is undertaken on behalf of third party agencies is not advertised here but we are happy supply examples and information on request.
  • Our web design experience also includes advanced knowledge of search engine optimisation, if you want high organic rankings in search engines like google we may be able to help.
  • As freelancers we can keep our overheads down and therefore our costs to you.
  • Once we build it, you will own the design of your website. After-all you paid for it you should own it, right? To us that’s common sense, rather surprisingly it’s a notion that’s not widely practiced.
  • Since our formation in 2009 we have provided great aftercare, something all of our client will tell you.
  • From our testimonials you will see we believe in fostering a close working relationship with our clients
  • Our other services include e-marketing, print design and animation.

Web design services

We provide websites that work on all devices, animations, emarketing, logo creation, branding, hosting solutions, company name registration and search engine optimisation. Our clients include small businesses, charities and local artists.

If you have your own design agency or want to design yourself we are happy to just handle the coding. Our websites are designed to the latest W3C web standards.

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Make it easy for new customers to find you

Climbing google

Achieving a good google rankings is reliant on many factors – it’s a little like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. We think it’s essential that a web designer or design agency has good ‘in-house’ search engine optimisation skills.

The majority of search engine users are more likely to choose one of the top suggestions in the results page. At Bristol Graphics we have a proven track record in SEO and after the initial website setup, we ensure your ranking remains strong.

Hosting, name registration

Often people don’t have the time to get involved in hosting and name registration, and for some the whole issue it can be a little daunting.  We are happy to advise you on these aspects of website development and we will explain how you can set these things up. Alternatively, we can take away the hassle of company name registration and website hosting by doing it for you – many of our customers prefer this.


Our websites have a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that allows you complete control over the content.

After care

Once your website is completed we will continue to support it, supplying updates to keep things running smoothly.

Friendly freelancers

We are not a big company.  We are a lean, nimble, alacritous organisation. Much of the work you will see on this site has been created by two or three freelance designers and developers working from our Bristol office. Our clients liaise with us directly throughout the planning, designing and implementation – reduced bureaucracy means greater value for money.

We lovingly hand-code

Software programs that generate HTML code also generate lots of unnecessary code in the process. This bulky bi-product produces slower websites, makes them harder to maintain, and they are less search-engine-friendly.

Hand-coding produces less, more efficient code. This makes your website faster, easier to maintain and search-engine-friendly. At Bristol Graphics we like to hand-code because it also gives us grater control of the overall design.

If you would like to find out more about our web designs and the process involved drop us a line:)